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How A Plan Came Together

by Matt Matros |  Published: Oct 23, 2019


Of all the threads in the beautiful tapestry that is our game of poker, one of my favorites is how every action informs and affects every other. Thanks to the whims of our opponents, no two poker hands are ever really the same. No strong river strategy can exist without a strong turn strategy, no turn strategy without a flop strategy, and no flop strategy without a preflop strategy. Given all the different paths a hand can take, it’s near impossible to prepare for every contingency. You have to think on the fly, and I love that. I didn’t love this interconnectedness, however, when I was trying to craft a set of rules for recreational players to achieve no-limit hold’em tournament success — a task I assigned myself when I wrote my new book, The Game Plan. One of the toughest requirements was to make sure each rule worked with ...

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