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Some Dramaha Math

by Kevin Haney |  Published: Aug 14, 2019


Last issue we introduced the all-important Golden Rule of Dramaha, which states that starting with a strong Draw hand is essential to your survival in the game. Ignore this rule and you either require a) unlimited funds or b) David Blaine level magician ability in pulling out the exact cards you need in order to avoid going broke. Most of us have neither thus we must adhere to the Golden Rule and gain the knowledge and experience to apply it correctly. Now that we understand the rule and are ready to implement it, we must refine our thinking and consider some possible exceptions to it. Two Pair is a strong hand in Draw, however, its value in Dramaha especially if it’s just a medium or small two pair goes way down. On the other hand a pair of aces is quite a good Dramaha hand even against a range where ...

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