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Exploiting Extremely Loose-Passive Games

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Aug 14, 2019


Games full of calling stations are very profitable, but extremely frustrating. Your hourly win-rate should be very high, but you’ll take some horrible beats along the way. Pots are often huge because so many people chase foolishly. There are few raises, hardly any three-bets, and there may never be a four-bet. Most hands go to showdown, and several players may still be involved. Why Do Calling Stations Play So Badly? Many people ask that question, but can’t accept my “irrational” answer: Their style satisfies calling stations’ emotional needs. They care much less about winning than about having fun and relating comfortably to other players. Make Two Adjustments To get the best results and preserve your own equilibrium, adjust both your strategy, and your attitude. My recommendations relate primarily to low-limit games, but some also apply to small no-limit games. Attitude Adjustments Accept that bad beats are inevitable. Many players can’t ...

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