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In-Play Betting

by Ed Miller |  Published: Jul 17, 2019


In-play betting offers a tremendous and growing opportunity to savvy bettors. This is because it’s a hard problem for sportsbooks to solve. How do you make lines for a dozen or two games simultaneously? Pregame lines come from price discovery at a market making book. But in-game, there’s no time for price discovery. A timeout lasts maybe two minutes. In many ways, each timeout is the same as a brand-new opening line. These opening lines are difficult to make. It’s hard enough when the book is just trying to put up a moneyline. Say the Browns are playing at the Patriots, and three minutes into the second quarter, the Browns are up 14 to 3. But the Pats were 10.5 point favorites pregame with a 52.5 total. Quick, what percentage of the time will the Pats come back and win? The sportsbook has two seconds to get a line up. ...

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