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Beating Rock Gardens

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Jul 17, 2019


“Rock Gardens” have many very tight-passive players. They are the exact opposite of Maniac Games, the subject of my previous column. Rocks are almost as emotional as Maniacs, but their feelings are extremely different and much less visible. It’s easy to see that Maniacs crave action. It’s less obvious that Rocks are much too afraid of losing. That fear is not completely irrational. Many Rocks are retired and have more time than money. They want to fill up the empty hours, grind out a few dollars, and – most important of all – avoid losses. So they play too few hands, too passively. Recognizing Rock Gardens The pots are tiny. The blinds are often chopped, and most flops are taken by two to four players. Raises are rare, and three-bets hardly ever occur. Few hands go to a showdown, and there’s usually only one caller. Because there are so few ...

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