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by Ed Miller |  Published: May 22, 2019


Props are a ripe target. For the most part there is no real market for props. The main market maker books tend not to emphasize props. Sportsbooks develop their prop menus both by copying those at other sportsbooks and by coming up with their own ideas and pricing them in-house. When the main markets like spread and total move at market maker books, those price movements usually aren’t distributed to any related prop markets. Despite their vulnerability, I expect props to proliferate in the coming years. Americans love betting props. Sportsbooks will try to compete with one another by offering bigger and bigger prop menus. There are two main classes of props. Player props and game props. Player props are bets on individual players. Touchdowns for Tom Brady. Points plus rebounds plus assists for LeBron James. Strikeouts for Max Scherzer. You get the idea. In the past, player props have ...

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