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Exploiting Calling Stations’ Emotions

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: May 22, 2019


My last column said that Calling Stations’ emotions make them the easiest players to beat. They give too much action on their losers, don’t get enough action on their winners, and can’t win without showing down the best hand. More specifically, they limp or cold-call preflop raises with very weak hands, chase with nearly hopeless cards, don’t bet or raise enough with their good hands, and rarely bluff. Their emotions cause these mistakes. They care much less about winning than having fun, feeling good about themselves, and having good relationships with the other players. They are afraid of: 1. Being rejected 2. Looking foolish 3. Folding a winner 4. Being bluffed If you understand and adjust well to their feelings, you will beat them more consistently than any players. Reading Their Cards Reading their calls is almost impossible. Since they chase with almost anything, you will often have no idea ...

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