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Real Poker: Old School vs. New School

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Mar 13, 2019


I’m 61 now and have played over 70,000 hours in 45 years, most of it live. Poker has been through a lot of changes. When I started playing in neighborhood cardrooms in Seattle, the only casino poker was in Nevada. Many new markets opened, most notably California. In 1998, internet poker created a whole new set of game dynamics. Developments in computers and the access to massive databases radically advanced the knowledge of the game, making it much easier to learn. Poker range-finders and analytical programs created new game theories. The new information age technology raised the standards of play amongst those who seriously studied the game. Internet players play many screens, full of data-mined statistics. They developed “game theories” based on computer simulations of the hand vs. given ranges. This information increased the general knowledge level of poker strategy. Money poured into the internet sites and those with the ...

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