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It’s Entertainment – To Talk of Not to Talk Part 3

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Dec 19, 2018


The main reason that is given for not allowing talking is that players will collude. Collusion is certainly reprehensible and is really a form of cheating. It benefits the colluders. Poker is a zero-sum game, so what helps some players must hurt the others. Those who aren’t colluding are hurt. But does talking really lead to or aid in collusion? Talking should only be allowed when a pot is head-up. In cash games, heads-up collusion doesn’t happen. When only two players are left in the pot, there is no one for them to collude against. Occasionally one sees a three-way pot, in which one player is all-in, and the other two agree to deal it out with no further betting. In this case, they are colluding against the all-in player. If they have just made this agreement verbally, they should be penalized or perhaps warned first that this is improper, ...

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