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Exploiting Rocks’ Fears

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Nov 07, 2018


They are so afraid of losing that they just sit there, doing nothing. They see very few flops, and they often fold on the flop, turn, or river. Instead of betting and raising, they check and call. They can play for hours without a showdown, and they win most showdowns. Their fears protect them from losing with weak or marginal cards and draws, but those fears also prevent them from protecting their good hands or getting full value from them. Jim Brier, Nick Christenson, Betty Tanenbaum, and I recently discussed this fear. Jim is qualifying for a huge free roll tournament at a room that spreads only no-limit hold’em and $2-$4 limit. Since Jim dislikes no-limit, he’s reluctantly playing $2-$4. Players get extra freeroll chips and other incentives for playing many hours, making high hands, getting football squares, and so on. He’s won many bonuses, but the players severely frustrate ...

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