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Avoiding A Cooler With Top Pair

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Nov 07, 2018


I recently played a hand in a $5,000 buy-In World Poker Tour event where I flopped top pair, top kicker but somehow managed to fold on the flop. Sometimes you are simply beat and have to make a disciplined laydown, even when you flop an abnormally strong hand. With blinds at 400-800 with an 800 big blind ante, I raised to 2,200 out of my 100,000 stack from first position at an eight-handed table with A J. A-J suited may seem a bit too weak to raise from first position to some, but it is a fine hand that should essentially always be raised. However, A-J offsuit should be folded. It turns out that being suited greatly adds to your post-flop playability, not only because you make more premium hands by the river, but you are presented with many more situations where you have a significant amount of equity, allowing ...

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