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Reading And Exploiting Your Opponents’ Emotions: Very Loose-Aggressive Players

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Oct 10, 2018


The first column of this series said there are two types of emotions: • Long-term ones such as love of action and fear of losing • Short-term ones such as anger It’s easier and more important to read long-term emotions. You can see how people generally play which helps you to predict how they will usually play in the future. It’s harder to read short-term emotions because you have much less information, and you usually can’t tell whether a few plays are caused by emotions or other factors. They may not make those plays again. We’ll analyze the most important long-term emotions, and the most obviously emotional players: the very loose-aggressive action-lovers. They’re often called, “Maniacs,” a very apt nickname. They are – by a huge margin – the most recognizable and important emotional opponents. They play far more hands than most people, and they play them much more aggressively. ...

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