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Poker Stories Podcast With Steve Zolotow

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Oct 10, 2018


Poker Stories is a long-form audio podcast series that features casual interviews with some of the game’s best players and personalities. Each episode highlights a well-known member of the poker world and dives deep into their favorite tales both on and off the felt.

Age: 73
Born: Hastings-on-Hudson, New York
Live Tournament Earnings: $2.3 million

Top Five Tournament Scores

Date Tournament Place Winnings
March 2004 Party Poker Million III 4th $259,684
May 2001 WSOP $3k Pot-Limit Hold’em 1st $243,335
June 2010 WSOP $10k Stud Eight-Or-Better 4th $125,379
May 1995 WSOP $5k Chinese Poker 1st $112,500
Dec. 2005 Global Poker Challenge 3rd $80,000

Steve Zolotow has been gambling for the better part of six decades, and that’s only a small part of what has been an extraordinarily eclectic life. Born into a famous family of writers that hobnobbed with the Hollywood elite, Zolotow dropped out of the Ivy Leagues to pursue a life of gambling, drugs, women, and even an acting career.

It was gambling that led Zolotow to the Mayfair Club, which started as a bridge and backgammon space before becoming a secret poker club that produced legendary gamblers such as Erik Seidel, Jay Heimowitz, Mickey Appleman, Howard Lederer, Stu Ungar, Paul Magriel, and Dan Harrington. When he wasn’t wagering up to $1 million a week with his sports betting operation, Zolotow was playing high-stakes poker with VIPs like Larry Flynt. Zolotow also has two World Series of Poker bracelets, having taken down a Chinese poker event in 1995 and a pot-limit hold’em event in 2001.

Highlights from this interview include a family of famous writers, ignoring Marilyn Monroe to play with horses, sharing a bed with Elizabeth Taylor, getting acting compliments from Lee Strasberg, dropping acid and dropping out, getting beaten out of the army, a three-some proposal leads to a marriage proposal, Stu Ungar cleans up in bridge, poker comes to the Mayfair Club, how to Moss-proof your loose change, how X-22 almost lost his Cox, up to $1 million a week in sports bets, avoiding jail time in Las Vegas, a Chinese poker bracelet, avoiding going broke, $2k-$4k stud with Larry Flynt, real estate sticker shock in NYC and SF, losing a $300,000 pot to Lyle Berman, and why you can’t drown a fly.

The Highlights

On the perks of growing up in a family of famous writers…

“My father mainly wrote about theatrical people, but he also wrote about magicians, and gamblers, and con-men, and things like that. He wrote the first [biography of Marilyn Monroe]. Growing up I met a lot of famous actors. I was probably 10, maybe 12 years old when my father was working on the book, and he took me to the studio when they were doing a Western (Note: The movie was River of No Return), with Marilyn and Robert Mitchum. Of course, being very impressed by stars, I wanted to feed carrots to the horses instead. At one point, my father had an interview with Mike Todd, who was a big theatrical producer who was then-married to Elizabeth Taylor. (Note: Her third of seven husbands) My father was interviewing him, and I was falling asleep. So, Elizabeth Taylor says to me, ‘You look really tired. Would you like to go nap?’ And I said, ‘Sure.’ So now I tell people that I fell asleep in bed with Elizabeth Taylor.”

On his career in sports betting…

“Somebody told me that bookmakers had a lot of money, so I decided to become a bookmaker. I was going to be the house. You have to find customers, set a good line, they have to bet, they have to lose, and you have to collect. I had [good lines] and was very good at finding customers… but I wasn’t a good collector. I got into sports betting, I knew it could be beaten. So, I quit taking action, and started betting. Started fairly small. (Interviewer: I read you were betting up to $1 million a week at one point…) Well, we got up there. Initially I would bet… let’s say there was a basketball game, Knicks were a 3 ½ point favorite. The New York City bookmakers would open up about six o’clock, by ten after six, we could bet the $2,000 or $3,000 we were betting and [by game time] the line wouldn’t have changed anywhere. Two years later, we were betting $100,000 a game, and if we laid the Knicks minus 3 ½, everywhere in the world the line [would move] to 4, 4 ½, or 5.

On the poker players from the Mayfair Club…

“It was a lot of very good players… who suddenly all started playing in Las Vegas. We were the kids. I remember when Erik Seidel was ‘Erik The Kid.’ I backed Erik in the first poker tournament he ever won. I think it was a $1,000 entry fee, and he said, ‘I’ll play for 10 percent.’ And now he’s in the top [three of the all-time money list.] You forget that [the Mayfair players] were the ones, like Erik, Dan Harrington, Howard [Lederer], who came out, and took the world by storm.” ♠

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