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Playing Games

by Gavin Griffin |  Published: Aug 29, 2018


My wife has always told me that she finds me very hard to shop for around the holidays. When we were first dating, it was because I was pretty free with my money. If I wanted something, I usually just bought it without planning ahead or consulting a budget. Those days have passed, but apparently, I’m still difficult to shop for. I don’t really need anything and the only real hobby that I have is tabletop gaming. Because she doesn’t really share the hobby with me, she doesn’t like buying me games or accessories. She doesn’t want to get me something that I don’t want and it’s kind of boring for me to hand her my games wish list (yes, of course I have a games wish list). Last year and this year, I have asked her for an experience as a present for my birthday. I’ve asked her to ...

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