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Real Poker: What Is Poker “Feel”

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Aug 29, 2018


Ever look at a person and sense what they’re thinking and feeling? You might not even realize what it is you’re observing that creates that awareness. But you sense something, an intuitive insight. Maybe it’s just a shift in tone of voice, a small change in facial expression, something unconsciously seen in their body language, or it’s merely a case of reading and being in tune with their mindset. Different people display varying degrees of information, often very subtly, and some individuals have no ability to recognize it. Others are highly intuitive. It’s a developed instinct, and the best live poker players have it bigtime! Generally, people project what they want you to accept as true. But in poker, as in life, if you make all your choices based on their surface level projections, you’re going to make a lot of bad decisions. Fortunately, humans possess animal instincts developed over ...

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