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Reading And Exploiting Your Opponents’ Emotions

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Aug 15, 2018


My friend, Preston Oade, recommended this topic because: 1. Our readers need help. There are many articles about tilt because it’s so extreme and obvious, but not much about reading and exploiting less dramatic emotions. 2. It’s often easier to read emotions than thoughts. Ed Miller wrote: “As an opponent trying to interpret your bet-sizing, I’d much rather try to reverse-engineer your emotional state rather than try to decode a more deliberate, logical process. That’s because humans are subject to only a handful of emotions at the poker table, while players’ logic is all over the map.” (“Three Reasons You Should Take Your Time,” Card Player, 11/25/2015) I completely agree with the first point, but only partly agree with the second. There are far more thoughts than emotions, but there are two distinct types of emotions: long-term ones, such as loving action and fearing risks, and short-term ones such as ...

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