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Soft Play: Does The High-Stakes Poker Tournament World Have A Problem?

by Julio Rodriguez |  Published: Aug 15, 2018


Just a couple weeks ago, poker power couple Alex Foxen and Kristen Bicknell turned the poker world upside down by finishing first and second in a $5,000 event at the Venetian, divvying up the lion’s share of the prize pool and taking home a combined $438,000. The accomplishment made for a great story and capped off quite a run for the two players, but it also raised some concerns after fellow poker players accused Foxen and Bicknell of soft-playing each other during three-handed play. Some in the high-stakes community believe that Australian poker pro Kahle Burns, who finished third in the event, was put in an unfair situation having to battle against a poker couple who clearly had no interest in eliminating one another before reaching heads-up play. Others believe that neither Bicknell nor Foxen can be blamed for doing what was obviously in their financial best interests, especially after ...

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