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The Most Important Gambling Skill

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Jun 20, 2018


Someone once asked high-stakes bridge player Johnny Crawford, what he would do with a certain hand. He asked, “Who’s my partner?” They said, “A good player, another Johnny Crawford.” “Who are my opponents?” “Two more Johnny Crawfords. So, what would you do?” “I wouldn’t play – the game is too tough!” I recently had a beer with my old friend Neal Einfeld. Neal has been one of the most successful New York City gamblers for years. At various times he has played pool, poker, bet on sports and professional blackjack, winning at each. He has to win because he and his wife are artists. Supplies are expensive, and sales are sparse. If you’re interested you can see their works at Buy some of their art, prices are reasonable, and it will be less expensive than gambling with Neal. I was talking about how much poker had changed over the ...

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