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by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Feb 28, 2018


There is a lot going on at the poker table. It is impossible to take in everything that is happening, and decide among a variety of complex choices. One way to make your sessions easier is to simplify your strategies. (In this section, I will focus on cash games where you have a stack that is greater than 100 big blinds.) What is the most common situation you will face in a no-limit hold’em game? (I am amazed how many people miss this.) It is when you are first to act under-the-gun. Why is that more common than second to act? By the time you are second, one player has already acted. Frequently he has folded, but occasionally he has raised. Not only that, but not all players have the same under-the-gun (UTG) raising range and not all raise the same number of big blinds. Since your UTG decision is ...

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