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Taking Chances

by Gavin Griffin |  Published: Feb 28, 2018


I guess it’s probably not all that surprising, but I’m a fan of taking chances. I know almost all poker players, especially the good ones, are less risk averse than the general population, but that’s not necessarily true of those that are working for companies with a slant towards poker. Casinos, poker sites, websites, etc. all tend to play their cards a little closer to the vest (sorry!) when it comes to risk. That’s why I really like it when a tournament series goes out on a limb to try something new. Ten years ago, I was hoping for a venue to offer a tournament with no breaks, long levels, and a steep payout prize pool. I wanted it to be winner-take-all, but that was almost never going to happen. The Commerce came through and started offering their Ironman tournament that year. I was stoked and vowed that I would ...

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