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System 1 And System 2

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Jan 03, 2018


My previous article introduced Dr. Kahneman’s Thinking Fast and Slow. He’s a Nobel Laureate, and it can improve your thinking. One valuable lesson was his answer to that old question: Which is better, intuition or logic? He calls them “System 1” and “System 2.” Arthur Reber, Preston Oade, Brad Cline, Jim Brier, and Robyn Salisbury helped me by commenting on his book and my article. Defining The Systems “I describe mental life by the metaphor of two agents, called System 1 and System 2, which respectively produce fast and slow thinking. I speak of the features of intuitive and deliberate thought. (p. 13) Deliberate thought is often called ‘logic.’” System 1 thinking is implicit. We just feel we should do something but may not know why. Prof. Reber wrote: “Intuition is the end product of a learning process that takes place largely unconsciously or implicitly. We learn a lot about ...

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