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Maximizing Your Poker Studies

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Jan 03, 2018


An acquaintance from the Bellagio $5-$10 cash game recently told me that he’d been doing a lot of work on determining the correct starting requirements by position. His research had proved that it was clearly right to open-raise from the button with 6-5 suited, but not with 5-4 suited. He had evidence beyond his studies that this was true. In the week since he learned this, his results had improved by several big blinds per hour. To me this was a classic case of devoting effort to studying the wrong things and coming to questionable conclusions. My opinion is that these hands are both marginal first-in raises from the button. What is a marginal raise? To find out let’s compare it to a great raise, pocket aces. You could open-shove with aces, and usually win the $15 in blinds, and perhaps occasionally get a call from a hand like K-K. ...

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