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Real Poker: Picking your Style to Fit the Game You’re In!

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Sep 27, 2017


How do you determine which style to play in the game you’re in? Most players have a set style, created more by their psychological disposition than game type, and they don’t adjust enough to the game’s texture. Additionally, as the game continues, the players turn over, plus those who remain change emotionally and stylistically, and you need to make constant adjustments. If you don’t adjust to the current conditions, you will cost yourself a lot of value! The world’s best players tend to be more loose-aggressive. They can play more situations pre-flop because they acquire a bigger edge post-flop. Their ability to read hands and players’ tendencies and emotions allows them to bluff, fold, bet, choose differing strategies, and bet-size more effectively. Even if they give up a small pre-flop edge when the betting is generally small, they make up for it and then some with the bigger pot sizes, ...

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