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The Rules Guy: How To Conduct Yourself at the Poker Table

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Sep 27, 2017


What’s wrong? What’s right? What’s an angle? Got a question about how to behave at the poker table (or a comment about a column)? Email TRG at Props to Eileen Sutton “For me poker is a contact sport for the soul…. The game mutates wildly but has one constant. As David Mamet wrote, poker will surely reveal our character, even against our will. Extreme contradiction works our social poker muscle and we seem to like it. We aggress and we surrender. Declare and hide. Risk and defend. Along the way we may get to know ourselves.” The Rules Guy is a perennial sucker for lyrical musings on this most excellent of games, and TRG likes what Ms. Sutton has to say on the subject in her essay, “Poker is Love.” But the green expanse of the felt isn’t always about love, of course. Read on… Never Be Afraid to ...

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