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Book Extract: An Excerpt From The New Book By Chris Moorman

by Dan Addelman |  Published: Aug 02, 2017


Here is in an extract of the newly published book by the most successful online poker player of all time, and 2017 WSOP bracelet winner, Chris Moorman. Game: WPT LA Poker Classic Final Table 2014 Hand: K J Position: BTN Players: 4 Blinds/ante: 30,000/60,000-10,000 PreFlop: Hero is BTN with K J CO calls 60,000, Hero raises to 180,000, 2 folds, CO calls 120,000 Flop: (490,000) 5 Q 2 (2 players) CO checks, Hero bets 180,000, CO calls 180,000 Turn: (850,000) 7 (2 players) CO checks, Hero bets 440,000, CO folds Playing four-handed, Rocco is first to act and limps A 5. I raise with K J to 180,000 on the button and he calls. I could elect to overlimp here but I think K-J is strong enough to be a value raise in position and my hand benefits a ton from going to the flop heads-up. The flop comes 5 ...

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