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Misplaying A Full House

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Jun 07, 2017


An amateur poker player recently told me about a hand that demonstrates a few key errors that many players make that they are completely unaware of. In a $2-$5 no-limit hold’em cash game, a somewhat tight player raised to $15 out of his $300 effective stack from first position and an unknown player in middle position called. Our Hero called in the cutoff with Q J. While this call may seem extremely standard to some, this is an easy fold because most competent players from first position only raise with strong hands that have Q-J in terrible shape. When you are likely dominated by a somewhat short stack’s preflop raising range, you should simply fold because the only good flops for you are those giving you two pair or a better made hand, which don’t appear on the board too often. The tight small blind and reasonable big blind also ...

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