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Am I Making a Good Bet? Part 8: The Most Important Bet

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Apr 26, 2017


In this series have discussed a wide variety of gambling situations, and discussed whether you are making a good bet. In general, good bets have positive equity. On average you will be a net winner. In some situations you can figure out exactly what your expectation is. You have a flush draw, and your opponent goes all-in. In other cases, you can only approximate it. You have a flush draw, and you move all-in. You have to guesstimate how often your opponent will call. Before revealing what is your most important bet, let’s look at a short poker biography. Our hero is a somewhat nerdy 22-year-old student at a prestigious East Coast university. He is in the process of getting an undergraduate degree in economics. Then he plans to continue on with an MBA, and to pursue a career in business. He enjoys games, and was a master strength chess ...

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