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Card Player Poker Stories Podcasts With Daniel Negreanu

by Card Player News Team |  Published: Apr 26, 2017


Poker Stories is a new, long-form audio series that features casual interviews with some of the game’s best players and personalities. Each episode highlights a well-known member of the poker world and dives deep into their favorite tales both on and off the felt.

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Age: 42
Turned Pro: 1996
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Live Tournament Earnings:
$31.8 million (No. 1 All-Time)
Best Score: 2nd Place – 2014 Big One For One Drop — $8,288,001

The Highlights

On a big missed opportunity…

“I built up [my website Full Contact Poker] from nothing, all basically with my own money. And within six months I had an offer to sell it for $170 million. Literally three days later, this thing called the UIGEA happened, so they pulled the plug on the offer.”

On prophetic dreams…

“I have a story that people won’t believe, so I don’t like to tell it because it makes me look like a crazy person. But I have a connection to Stu Ungar that’s… out there. I had a dream that Stu Ungar, from the basement of my house, this cold, wet, dark, damp place, said to me, ‘Kid, you’re the next one. Don’t do what I did.’ This is where people will think I’m full of shit… he died that night. The next morning the news hit that he was found in a hotel dead.”

On big golf bets…

“I was probably stuck like $2 or $3 million before I got [my coach] to work with me, and then I got all the money back. We would play these epic scramble matches over a weekend, three straight days, $150,000 per hole, something like that. Two years in a row, I beat Patrik [Antonius] and his crew out of $1 million plus. We just negotiated the better game.”

On calling out members of the poker community…

“At the core of all of it is integrity. Whatever you say you’re going to do, you do. And whatever you say is true, is true. If sometimes I have things to say about certain people, the way I see it, I’m going to say so. I spend the vast majority of my time trying to uplift others, but occasionally you have situations come up that warrant a little brutal honesty.” ♠

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