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Surviving Coolers In The WSOP Main Event

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Aug 17, 2016


Although I didn’t win (or even cash) in the 2016 World Series of Poker main event, I am very happy with my play. I made day 2 with a 1.5x average stack of 99,900. Early in day 2, I was fortunate to get a lucky turn card versus a maniac who was happy to bluff me. This catapulted me up to 200,000 chips, a 3x average stack of roughly 200 big blinds. From there, I lost every significant pot I played throughout the next eight hours. Fortunately, I didn’t go broke in a few situations where I suspect many other players would have. I ran Q-Q into A-A, K-K into A-A, A-K into Q-Q, top pair with a good kicker into top pair with a great kicker, and 7-7 into A-K, all in reraised pots. It is tough to win a poker tournament when your opponent makes the best hand ...

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