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Comparing Amateurs With Pros - A Top Ten List

|  Published: Aug 17, 2016


This list is not exhaustive, as there are too many comparisons to relate here. These are just the most common ones in pot-limit Omaha and no-limit hold’em. The order is not meant to be instructive, but the first five are probably the most significant. 1. Patience And Discipline Amateurs often want action and come to play. Pros are highly disciplined and patiently wait for opportunities. As Daniel Negreanu said about amateurs, “You don’t try to outplay them; you have to out-fundamental them.” Patience and discipline are fundamental. 2. Emotional Control Amateurs get seriously distracted by becoming emotionally involved with their opponents. (“I’m gonna look that guy up with anything next time. I just know he’s stealing.” Ed Miller.) Pros are not usually distracted by their emotions, especially emotions driven by their opponents’ play. “Once you take anything personally at the poker table, you’re done,” Phil Ivey. 3. Ego Control Amateurs ...

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