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Business Is A Poker Game

The Right Stuff

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Jul 20, 2016


Earlier columns said that playing poker could help business people to select the right games, adjust to changing situations, negotiate deals, and cope with losses. The previous one explained why poker is a great business teacher. But you can’t get the complete value of poker’s lessons if you don’t have “the right stuff.” Tom Wolfe used that term for the intangible qualities that distinguish the astronauts from other hot pilots. All fighter pilots have superb skills, brains, and bodies, but astronauts have something extra. So do the big winners in poker and business, the ones who make the Poker Hall of Fame, reach the top of the corporate pyramid, or accumulate billions of dollars. Let’s discuss three essential personal traits. Ruthlessly Competitive This drive may be the critical difference between poker and business champions and highly skilled wannabes. Jack Straus, a Poker Hall of Famer, said it most colorfully, “I’d ...

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