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Game Theory Optimal Poker

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Jun 08, 2016


I frequently hear conversations about the benefits of game theory-optimal (GTO) poker. People say that if you aren’t playing a GTO strategy, your opponents can exploit you. True! If you are playing a GTO strategy and they aren’t, they have negative equity. Generally false. Playing a GTO strategy is the surest way to make a lot money playing poker. Really, really false! Let me illustrate this by examining a simple situation. At the end of a no-limit hold’em hand, there is $200 in the pot. You and your one opponent both have $200 remaining in your stacks. You will have the best hand half the time and the worse hand the other half. You know when your hand is best and when it isn’t, while your opponent always has a mediocre hand that he isn’t sure about. He checks. Let’s construct a GTO strategy. Here are some possible strategies. 1. ...

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