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Worst Bad Beats In WSOP Main Event since 2000

by Bernard Lee |  Published: Jun 08, 2016


Reminiscing about the 2005 World Series of Poker (WSOP) main event, I look back fondly as my 13th place-finish kickstarted my poker career. However, the memory of that fateful day is also bittersweet, as Aaron Kanter beat me on my final hand on a five-outer on the river. Year after year, the WSOP main event introduces new names to the poker world, but also produces astonishing bad beats that sometimes crushes the victim’s poker dreams forever. As the WSOP begins its seven-week odyssey, culminating with the main event, let’s look back at the most memorable WSOP main event bad beats each year since 2000. Although there have been horrendous bad beats early in the tournament as well (e.g., in 2005, Jen Harmon one-outed on the river by Corey Zeidman’s straight flush; in 2008, Motoyuki Mabuchi’s quad aces beaten by Justin Phillips’ royal flush), I will focus on hands that occurred ...

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