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Coaching As Learning

by Gavin Griffin |  Published: May 25, 2016


Just a few years ago, I was helping out at a boot camp for a major poker tour. They had a well-known headliner with me joining in as a secondary instructor. In between lectures, we all broke out into small groups and did hand analysis. We would set up scenarios that mimicked common tournament situations and deal out cards for the students to play. After each hand, all of the players would hold on to their mucked cards and we would all discuss what we thought of how everyone played each hand. There would always be lively discussion and people would do their best to defend their position (people can always find ways to justify questionable actions at the poker table). The ultimate defense was always “Well, I thought he had xyz so that’s why I did that,” where xyz is the hand the opponent had or a reasonable facsimile ...

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