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Business Is a Poker Game

Part Three: Negotiating

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Mar 30, 2016


Parts One and Two said that poker is an excellent teacher for business people because many poker skills and concepts directly relate to business. They applied poker principles to three important business issues: 1. Choosing games that fit your strengths, weaknesses, and situation. 2. Accepting that business is complicated. 3. Using feedback loops to adjust your analyses and decisions. These principles directly apply to negotiations, a critically important business skill. Business people don’t negotiate only when they buy and sell. Whenever they have conflicting interests, they should negotiate. If you can’t negotiate well, you can’t succeed in many jobs. Some poker principles will improve your negotiating skills and some negotiating principles will improve your poker. My negotiations research and teaching greatly influenced my poker writing. My dissertation was about collective bargaining negotiations. I’ve taught negotiating skills in over twenty countries. And my poker publications borrow from my book, Negotiate to ...

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