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Discipline: Summary & Review

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Mar 02, 2016


This is the last of a long series of columns on discipline. Discipline is essential for anyone who wants to be a professional poker player. Discipline has many elements. Here is my list of the five most important ones: 1. Avoiding tilt 2. Finding games or situations where you have an edge 3. Physical conditioning 4. Mental conditioning 5. Building and maintaining a bankroll I defined tilt as something that causes you to make a bad play that you wouldn’t make if you weren’t on tilt. Virtually no one is completely immune to tilt. By this, I mean that almost everyone plays worse when losing than they do when winning. I looked at several techniques for avoiding tilt. The simplest solution is to quit, or at least to take a break; unfortunately this is not a very satisfactory one. It is temporary and will often result in your leaving good ...

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