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My Preflop Philosophy

by Ed Miller |  Published: Mar 02, 2016


People ask more questions about preflop strategy than anything else. When to raise. How much to raise. How to vary raise sizes. When to limp. When to reraise. What hands to play from early position. When to make exceptions. And so on. These questions all have a relatively specific answer in some types of no-limit hold’em. In tournaments, for instance, where stack sizes are often just five, 10, or 20 big blinds, it’s vitally important to play the correct sets of hands in the correct ways. When your stack is only 14 big blinds, preflop play is nearly all there is to the game. But in other types of no-limit hold’em, the answers become much more flexible. In particular, in live cash game no-limit hold’em, the game I tend to write about most, good preflop play is very fluid. No single set of rules will give you the best play ...

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