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Business Is a Poker Game

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Feb 03, 2016


Because it’s so similar to business, poker is a far better teacher about business than sports, chess, and many other teaching metaphors. Yet dozens of self-help books use sports and other games, while hardly any books use poker. Poker has been neglected primarily because it’s not “respectable.” Some people see us as “just gamblers.” Others recognize that poker requires more skill than craps and other casino games, but are opposed to all gambling. This series will show that playing poker can improve business decisions. Why Should You Care? You may think, “Who cares about business decisions? I just want to win more money.” That’s a short-sighted perspective. As long as many people, including powerful politicians, see us as “just gamblers,” we’ll have serious social and legal problems. Families and friends may criticize our playing. The DOJ’s actions, various arrests and anti-internet poker laws prove that poker’s enemies can disrupt our ...

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