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The Key To Small-Stakes No-Limit Success

by Ed Miller |  Published: Jun 10, 2015


It’s a little presumptuous to call anything the “key” to a game as complex as no-limit hold’em, but I don’t think I’ve overstepped here, because the concept I’m covering in this and a series of future articles is, truly, the key to small-stakes no-limit success. It’s board texture. It’s a concept with an unsexy name, but the difference between amateur players who tread water at $2-$5 and those who go onto professional-level play is an understanding of board texture. In any gambling game, whether you make money or not depends on two things. First, it depends on the odds you receive for the bets you make. If you bet $10, it makes a huge difference whether you will receive $10 if you win or $30 or $50. Second, it depends on how frequently you will win. Winning 50 percent of the time is better than 30 or 10 percent. The ...

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