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Head Games: Improve Your Tournament Game - Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses With Greg Mueller, Asher Conniff, and Matt Stout

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jun 10, 2015


Craig Tapscott: What are the three biggest strengths a tournament poker player must process to be successful and why? Greg Mueller: I have been playing poker for a long time. I believe that patience and discipline play a huge roll in success in the game. You can’t force things in poker. You must have the ability to wait for favorable situations, whether it be starting hands, weaker opponents to show up at your table, timely spots and situations, or the table to break, etc. Then I would say having versatility is an element in poker. It’s the innate ability to assess the table/situation/environment and be able to adapt and change play accordingly. In a tournament, the situation is constantly changing and the ability to see this and be able to change gears accordingly is essential. There are extreme differences. Perhaps you are the best player at the table with a ...

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