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Head Games: Know Your Leaks as Well as Your Opponents’ to Improve Your Game and Your Results With Matt Matros, Lily Kiletto, James Calderaro, and David Randall

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Apr 15, 2015


Craig Tapscott: What are a few of the leaks you had in your tournament game early on and how did you go about correcting them? Matt Matros: I read the textbooks that championed a “tight is right” philosophy early in my career, and I took their advice to an absurd extreme. I think I might’ve folded pocket jacks from first position with five or six blinds in my stack, because I’d read that jacks were a “trouble” hand. I definitely folded pocket tens from the big blind after the small blind shoved in on me with a short stack. When most people think of leaks, they think of spots where they get too loose or too aggressive. I was the opposite when I started out—I was playing so tight that I never had a chance. Luckily, I was able to figure out that I had this flaw in my approach, ...

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