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Stack Management in Seven-Card Razz Tournaments

by Ben Yu |  Published: Jan 07, 2015


Given that seven-card razz is structured the same as seven-card stud, many of the ideas in my stud articles apply just as well to the lowball game. Paying attention to the ante size is still important, as more dead money allows you to play weaker hands. When short-stacked, it’s just as vital to manage stack-size and save the last ante when possible for a favorable all-in. However, rather than rehash, this article will focus on specific razz tournament adjustments. Many of these differences revolve around how hand values are different between the two games. Unlike stud, where hands can be fairly divergent on third street, razz hands run fairly close together. Third Street Many players are obsessed with pumping in as many bets as possible with A-2-3-type hands, believing they are the pocket aces of razz. However, they actually only hold a small equity edge against other playable hands. For ...

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