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Head Games: How Can You Be More Prepared for Success at the Table?

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jan 07, 2015


The Pros: Ryan Riess, Adam Levy, and Jared Tendler Craig Tapscott: More than ever, poker players are treating the game like sport. So, what do you do to prepare yourself to play your best? Please go into detail as to your mental, physical, and even meditative preparations you may have. Ryan Riess: It is very important to be well-prepared when traveling and playing poker tournaments around the world. I try to always get a good night’s sleep before the tournament. It can be really easy to not get much sleep while traveling, but if you are not fully rested, you may get tired and not play your best. One more thing, don’t party all night. Get some sleep so you can grind in the morning. And don’t forget to have breakfast when you wake up. It is a really important meal that a lot of poker players skip. Adam Levy: I definitely have taken more ...

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