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Tools for Poker Players

by Gavin Griffin |  Published: Nov 26, 2014


I was just in Dallas working with the folks at Big Slick Poker Academy on a one-day seminar to help their students beat the local weekly tournament. We had a pretty good turnout with about 25 people there for the class on Sunday. We also took the Saturday tournament by storm, comprising about 10 percent of the field. Things went well for the students, until there were three tables left. At that time, there were seven students still in. The next three people out were all students, then a couple more, then the bubble boy. However, the winner of the tournament was one of our students, and he played pretty well throughout. Some might think it’s a disappointment to have them all bust that close to the money, and, of course, getting that close to cashing and not getting there is annoying, but it showed me something. None of them ...

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