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Attacking Capped Ranges

by Reid Young |  Published: Nov 26, 2014


You have a weapon. It has the power to crush any opponent. In this article, let’s sharpen that weapon. Let’s learn to attack our competition in ways that cannot be beaten. Let’s learn to abuse weaknesses in our opponent’s game plan to scrape more winnings out of any game. By identifying and attacking capped ranges, we are on our way to being untouchable gods of betting aggression. Capped ranges refer to times players are extremely unlikely to hold the nuts. Players are put into these positions because of play mistakes, because of particularly uncommon and dangerous board run outs, and because of how much opponents bet. All three concepts, when properly wielded, work together like an unbeatable weapon. Play Mistakes Each hand combination has its place in a complete game plan. That’s a daunting thought. It means that every decision you make at the table against every bet size on ...

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