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The Poker Player’s Manifesto: Thou Shalt Pay Taxes

by Bryan Devonshire |  Published: Nov 12, 2014


A dozen years ago, I lived in a tent a stone’s throw from the banks of the Kings River. Life was easy, taxes were nonexistent, and I was on my third year of profitable poker. I had been keeping records since 2000 and dutifully reporting my winnings with poker as a hobby, hopefully setting up some consistency for someday being a professional gambler. By 2003, poker had blown up and I was making more money playing poker than I was working as a guide, but I still had enough of a wage income to not be defined as a professional gambler yet. I continued to keep good records and continued to report my winnings. Then, in 2006, I won a bunch of money in a tournament and my dutiful accounting got left in a Vegas trash can. I was rich now with $50,000, which is filthy rich when 11 months ...

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