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How To Not Run A Cardroom

by Bob Ciaffone |  Published: Oct 01, 2014


We have some cardrooms in my state that are run so poorly that one sometimes wonders how they even stay in business. I think their number one problem is there is a lack of communication between management and workers such as dealers and floorpeople. There is also a lack of communication between upper management and customers. One of my favorite observations is, “The people most in need of good advice are those least likely to seek it.” As a result, there is a culture of treating someone who complains about policies or offers suggestions on how to improve as a trouble-maker rather than a helpful person. When management says no enough times without changing anything, the flow of helpful ideas will eventually dry up. This is hardly limited to poker. It is common in many governmental agencies and large corporations. We need a culture of communication right at the top ...

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