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Outplaying The Slowplayers

by Ed Miller |  Published: Oct 01, 2014


There’s one type of opponent that seems to drive many players totally nuts. The guy who slow plays everything. When he gets aces preflop, he limps. When he flops a set, he checks it twice. When he flops top-two, he calls once, checks it back once, and then min-raises the river. These opponents drive people crazy, in my opinion, because their style of play maximizes the chance that a bet will blow up in your face. Thought you were betting for value? Nope, he flopped a set. Thought your bluff was a lock to work? Nope, he played a flopped flush like it was six-high. In my experience, most people hate it when bets blow up in their faces. It’s one thing to call a bet and be beat. They put you to a tough decision, and you guessed wrong. It happens. It’s another thing to be the one making ...

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