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Let’s Decide On The 2015 WSOP Schedule Together

by Ben Yu |  Published: Sep 17, 2014


This isn’t going to be your typical article about the World Series of Poker schedule. I could have just surreptitiously listed some suggestions that cater to my friends and me the most, but I’d rather address the way we debate what goes in the schedule. To me, these conversations we have are just as important as the final product. This summer it felt like there was more discussion about the World Series of Poker schedule than any previous year. Several well-known players actively campaigned for events they would like to see. This conversation is great for poker as these players do a great job of representing their respective communities and telling us what events they would like to see. One of the enchanting products of playing almost every tournament at the World Series of Poker is that I get to interact with all these different communities. Each day, I feel ...

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