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The Joy of Losing

by Matt Matros |  Published: Feb 19, 2014


Poker players will tell you that losing makes you miserable, and I’ve certainly been guilty on occasion of expressing this very sentiment. But losing is such a huge part of poker that if you don’t ever derive enjoyment from getting beat out of a pot, then you should probably look elsewhere for your entertainment, let alone your profession. In the spirit of Nick “the Greek” Dandolos, who is rumored to have said “the next best thing to gambling and winning is gambling and losing,” I offer three anecdotes as evidence that poker can sometimes be worth playing even when the chips are disappearing from your stack. Anecdote 1: One of my first friends on the tournament circuit was a guy who went by the moniker Dangerous Dan. He played a loose-aggressive style with small, pot-building raises and he called off big bets with pair-plus-draw hands at a time when virtually ...

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